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This project is an NFT of the Ultraman series of monsters launched in cooperation with Japan Enka Co., Ltd. The NFT is mainly based on the monsters in the Ultraman story, including not only the original monsters, but also the synthetic mutants. monsters are more aggressive.


The NFT will be divided into different types and levels such as R, SR, SSR, UR, etc. The full name of the R card is Rare (rare), the full name of SR is Super Rare (super rare), the full name of SSR in English is Super SecretRare (super rare), etc. And so on, the degree of rarity increases in order. Players with high rarity NFT will have certain airdrop benefits and other benefits.
Godzilla Godzilla Godzilla Godzilla Godzilla

NFT issuance

Total Supply 7777 NFTs, 777 of which are used for whitelist extraction of mint, are mainly used by community collaborators and early investors/investors.


1000 free mint 3000 public mint (phase I), priced at 0.015ETH 1000 publicmint (phase II), priced at 0.03ETH 2000 synthetic mint (phase III), two low-level NFT synthetic mint, low-level NFT destruction .


If the NFT level obtained by synthesis CONNECT WALLET Any destroyed NFT will be destroyed normally


If the NFT level obtained by synthesis below The two burned NFTs may be compensated by ETH (the specific amount is to be determined).


Therefore, the final remaining NFT amount must be far less than 7777. If all synthesis is completed, the final total remaining amount is 3777 NFT.


Royalties: 10%

NFT features

  • ( 1 ) Airdrop:SSR-level NFTs will receive daily repurchase NFTs or ETH airdrops (derived from royalty income).
  • ( 2 ) NFT synthesis:Two normal-level NFTs may be synthesized and mutated into a high-level NFT.
  • ( 3 ) Activity Pass:It can be used as a pass for offline activities, such as tickets for Holder high-end receptions, fan meeting events, etc.
  • ( 4 ) Game Pass:Props that can be used in subsequent ecological games and reward receipt vouchers


Synthesize your own NFT works and share them with your friends!

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